Saturday, November 19, 2011

Carlos Lobaton to Sporting KC?

El Comercio

According to rumors from Peru,  Carlos Lobaton could join Sporting Kansas City next season. Apparently he had ran out of favor with his old club and was looking for a club where he could earn a higher salary. However I feel this rumor is just simply non-sense. The description does not fit what Sporting Kc are reportedly looking for. First of all, he's a midfielder, and Sporting Kc's 3-man midfield is one of the best in the league and have plenty of back-up. Second of all, he's 31, which, based off comments by Robb would take him out of the equation. Third of all, he's Peruvian, and according to Robb Sporting Kc has already submitted an offer for a Spanish DP.

The other MLS club linked with Carlos is Chivas USA. They seem much more likely to sign this center mid than Sporting. But hey, this player looks like he might have some quality so prove me wrong Robb Heineman. By my count Carlos Lobaton, the 'mystery' Spanish DP, and Guti Hernandez have been the only players linked to the club thus far in the silly season.

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  1. There are a lot of great players in Latin America. I bet that he will bring a lot of strength to the team.