Thursday, December 8, 2011

Soony Saad to Train With Lebanon?

Sporting Kc's youngest ever goal scorer Soony Saad has reportedly considered the chance to train with the Lebanese national team. Soony is of Lebanese decent and could join "The Cedars" in a push for World Cup qualification. While the reports haven't been confirmed Soony is the only player to have responded to the invitation. According to The Daily Star Soony tweeted that he would "consider coming to play". 

All 4 players that were asked to join Lebanon were of Lebanese decent. 2 playing in Scandinavia and the other in Australia. I don't think Soony is very likely to train with them though seeing as I believe that he has never been to Lebanon. But there is always a first and the exposure could gain Sporting Kc some international fans much like Chhetri did for the Wizards in 2010.

The best case scenario is that Soony trains for Lebanon, gets some good playing time, and comes back to the US ready for a new season a leg up on everyone else. The worst case scenario is that this situation could end up being like the Teal Bunbury situation we saw in 2010 when Teal controversially chose to play for the US over Canada after previously playing for Canada's U-20 and U-17 teams. 

Soony has played for the United States U-20 team once, scoring one goal. 


  1. I agree with you. I think he should go and train with Lebanon to see how he likes it before choosing which team he wants to play for. I'm worried because this is a big decision for him, whichever country he chooses he could be playing with until his 30s, and Soony's still just 19. I heard there would be another USA U20 team in January or February, so it will be interesting to see if he gets a call up for there. I think that if that does happen, whichever team he choses will be the one.

  2. Come Lebanon there is a big chance for us to reach world cup we need your efforts buddy

  3. Wow tough desigion for young sooney

  4. Back the same that it happens with Omar Bravo. he might have family there and friends but he might things about his career in KC