Sunday, September 25, 2011

FIFA 12 One Day Away

North American cover features Rooney, Donovan, and Marquez.

One day. That's all there is left until the most popular video-game series in the world comes out with it's latest edition. FIFA 12. Albeit North Americans gets a little early treat in the fact that we get it 3 days ahead of Europe and everyone else. This years game promises to be the best installment yet. Most likely due to all the new stuff that's packed into the $60 game (for Xbox 360 that is).

In this years edition fans can expect 4 new game-play features.

  • Player Impact Engine
  • Precision Dribbling
  • Tactical Defending
  • Pro Player Intelligence 

All the new features will change your experience from last year in FIFA 11 to a better one. You can read about these new features here. The one thing that will most likely have the biggest impact on your game-play is Tactical Defending. But don't get me wrong, once you master it all the work will pay off.

Also, there are two really cool new features in career mode. EA Sports is finally bringing back the youth system, and on transfer deadline day there is an extended window to buy players, and clubs will be more aggressive with their offers.

In the day(s) leading up to it's release I would politely suggest 5 things to do so you can enjoy the FIFA 12 experience the best:

Get the demo. The best way to experience FIFA 12 before the release is to obviously play the demo. You can delete it later and it helps you get a grasp on the new game-play features. Plus, it's free.

Mess around on Creation Center. Another way to get your hands on some FIFA 12 early is to mess around on Creation Center. There you can make your very own team, tournament and/or player to bookmark and then install later into the game.

Don't worry about pre-ordering. There is simply no reason to waste $5 dollars on something that isn't in high demand in America. In Europe yes, pre-order. But not here, the store will have plenty. However, I do suggest getting it the day of the release. The day after they might be sold out.

Spread the word. Although playing career mode and other off-line modes is a great way to enjoy FIFA you should get your friends to play with you and it will make FIFA 12 all the more sweeter. Also, don't forget that there is a whole world of passionate FIFA 12 players all across the universe waiting to interact with you. Either through tournaments, ranked matches, virtual pro clubs, ultimate team, friendlies, etc.

Learn more about FIFA 12. Go to the official site. Read the FIFA blog. Or listen to a podcast hosted by Rom and Stevie on iTunes. In-fact yours truly was mentioned on the most recent podcast 37' minutes in.


  1. This is going to be, by far, the best game of the year.

  2. Hands down. I'm just counting down the clock.

  3. Do you play as Sporting KC or do you play as another team?

  4. Hmm, well, it depends. Online I switch between AC Milan and Manchester City. Offline I play with Sporting.

  5. I am going to get the game later today! Can't wait to play it

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