Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Top 3 Sporting Kc Players You Love to Hate

ALL Sporting Kc fans have hated on a player at least once this season. Either via Twitter, Facebook, or the rare face-to-face conversations. You've all said it. But which players have received the most hate mail? By my count the top 3 players Sporting Kc fans love to hate have been, Teal Bunbury, Jeferson Rodrigues Goncalves (or Jeferson) and Julio Cesar. All of them during different periods during the season, still, each player has been hated on by Sporting Kc fans.

Obviously when times are tough during a season fans like to take out there bottled up stress on the players. Some of the time it's not necessarily the players fault. Maybe the tactics are off or maybe it's just not their day. However we still have a right to be angry at them, which makes sense when you think about how no one else but them can get the final result, whether it be 3, 1, or 0 points.

Teal Bunbury
To fully understand why most fans loved to hate Teal you have to track back all the way to January.....

Following up on a sensational 5 goal rookie season that saw him get called up to the USMNT, tour Europe with Generation Adidas, and train with Stoke Teal was getting set to have a huge second season in MLS. Debuting well  in the first couple of weeks Teal was looking great and getting a huge amount of media attention. Some even calling him the answer to the USMNT striker situation.  Then in April after Teal scored two terrific goals against Vancouver Bunbury promptly fell into one heck of a funk. Not producing a league goal for about 4 months. Teal looked to be done and dusted. Of course, this also came during the long 10 game road trip that saw Sporting Kc sink all the way down to bottom of the East, which in turn sparked Sporting Kc's fans to resort to Twitter and other sources to take out their anger. And guess what, Teal Bunbury was their target. See it made sense, our star striker wasn't scoring so take it out on him. There was even talk of putting him on the transfer list and shipping him off to Europe.

However, in recent weeks Teal has started to look like his old self. Gaining momentum after the New England game in late July and has earned another USMNT call up since then. Whether or not he will be back to full strength this season is till up in the air. But for a while we all loved to hate Teal Bunbury.

After coming in on loan from Vasco de Gama in Brazil Jeferson was signed as our third-ever DP. He made his Sporting Kc debut against Newcastle United and looked very good. However his league play wasn't quite on par and the left-footed CAM wasn't living quite up to expectations. He just seemed to be  on a different page than the rest of the Sporting attack. There was a hype that him and Bravo together would make a deadly duo because, to be honest, Jeferson and Bravo are the only two players on this team who can see the game so well. So playing them together was making some Sporting fans drool with expectation. However, things didn't quite work out and Jeferson's form turned to mush. Leading fans, (including myself), to let our anger out on him. And for the most part I think it's because this sensational CAM who was praised for his vision and distance shooting that we pay $400,000 a year to was brought in from Brazil and was ready to be a leading player in this league. But he still hasn't quite adapted to the MLS and might not be around next season.

Oh Cesar, oh Cesar.... Many people dubbed him the Pablo Escobar of 2011 after a horrid start to the campaign. He was leaking in goals and in Columbus he earned a second yellow for a foolish handball and for many fans that was the last straw. He and Teal instantly became the two players we all loved to hate. Obviously Peter Vermes saw it too because following Cesar's poor performance the marvelous Collin came along, turning Cesar into essentially just another depth player. After not seeing action at center back for a while Cesar finally found a starting position as Davy Arnaud and Craig Rocastle both went down due to injuries. Cesar almost immediately started at CDM along with Espinoza. And that's where his true talent is. Following this fans have started to really enjoy Cesar's play and has since become a regular in the starting XI.

And those are the three Sporting Kc players we all love to hate.

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  1. Hate may be a little strong. But I agree there has been some frustration with each of these players. But then I wonder what truly supporting a team really is about. Should we try and bring their spirits up (without inflating their ego). Is being smartly critical a good thing that it is a duty for any good fan to do? Interesting questions are team has given us this season. Great post.