Monday, November 28, 2011

Davy Arnaud Traded to Montreal For Seth Sinovic

Earlier today Sporting Kc posted on their website that veteran midfielder, talisman of the club, and long-time Kansas Citian Davy Arnaud had been traded to the Montreal Impact in return for former player Seth Sinovic along with allocation money. In an odd twist of fate Sporting Kc sold the very player they protected in the expansion draft for the very player they didn't protect in the expansion draft. It's a very puzzling trade but in the end I think both clubs were happy with it. Not sure that Davy was very happy with the trade seeing that he had been playing for the Wizards since 2001 and had won every title an MLS side could win(exluding the CCL).

On a personal level I really find it heartbreaking that Davy had to go, he was one of my favorite players at the club and I had a dream that would he would end his career as a "one club player" and go down as a Wizard hero. While he will probably still be a fan favorite forever in KC I think he personally really wanted to stay here. But, maybe on a professional standpoint he felt he needed to move so he could kick-start his career again.

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