Friday, November 25, 2011

Teal Bunbury to Bolton Wanderers?

According to this article from England, Sporting Kc's joint leading goal scorer is headed to English Premier League side, Bolton Wanderers. The article states that Bolton boss Owen Coyle wants to check on Bunbury's fitness and that a fee and contract will be discussed upon arrival in England.

The article also goes on to say that Teal had previously rejected an offer from a Bundesliga 1 side, (Hoffenheim) in hopes of being able to play for Bolton. According to the article Bunbury should be there within a fort-night.

While I think it's intriguing that Teal is getting this type of exposure over in England I don't think there's a lot behind this story. First of all, Mirror Football is known pretty much world-wide for stirring up transfer rumors that have little to nothing in them and this looks to be another one of those times. Second of all, there are no statements from either Teal or Owen Coyle in the article, which generally points that it's speculation.

All in all I think this rumor is just bogus. What I think has happened is that Teal was supposed to go over there just to train during the off-season and when the England media got whiff of it, they pounced. So it looks as if Teal won't be joining fellow American Stuart Holden at the Reebok anytime soon.

*Note: TealBunburyFans is where I got this link from, she found it first*


  1. I think that it is great that he is going to Europe. Maybe he can polish more its games and bring a lot of experience back.

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