Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sporting KC To Sign Spanish DP?

Last night club CEO Robb Heineman wasted no time in getting the off-season started when he announced to his legion of twitter followers that he had submitted a bid for a Spanish DP, Robb went on to say on his twitter account, "...and btw, making an offer on a Spanish DP today...". 

While we will most likely not see Fernando Torres or David Silva lighting up LSP I still think Robb is after some serious talent following the imminent release of Jeferson, (not confirmed by club yet). The Brazilian failed to make an impact with Sporting and should he leave it would open up north of $400,000 we could spend on a new signing.

Robb might be going after the traditional 'former-great' DP that is all too common in MLS. Or he could be going after a young DP, something that the MLS commissioner would love to see.


  1. Damn I was hoping this article would have more info.. Someone needs to hack Robb's cellphone because the suspense is killing me.

  2. i feel like a sports blogger on this one...all i can do is speculate and wonder